Merach specializes in researching, producing and selling high-end household fitness equipment. Over the years, it has been committed to providing leading family fitness solutions for global users. 

Currently it opened multiple sales platforms including official website,  Amazon and Alibaba. From the year the brand was first established to now, the monthly sales volume has increased by 200% against the trend, and has successfully become one of the brands with fastest sales growth. 

In 2019, we invested a total of 5 million dollar in product research, and developed more than 50 new products, constantly upgrade the function and design of products. We purchased top supply chain system and OEM system and applied the world‘s top manufacturing processes.

The logo of MERACH is a soaring eagle, representing an elite spirit “keep challenging, changing and breaking through oneself ”. MERACH’s mission is to provide global users with leading home fitness solutions, and become the world’s most valuable brand of home fitness equipment.


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Phone: +86.18966167457